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Criteria & Principles

Microbiology reporting at DUH is aided by  rapid molecular panels in order to decrease time to optimal therapy for our patients. You will find summaries of these technologies below, with detailed information and recommendations available in the "Attachments" box to your right.

BioFire Blood Culture Identification (BCID) Updated November 2022

New to BCID? Start HERE for a summary of the technology

Detailed treatment recommendations based on molecular result are located HERE

An abbreviated version is available HERE and sampled below:


BioFire Meninigitis/Encephalitis Panel: Updated July 2017

This panel allows rapid identification of common causes of meningitis and encephalitis from a sample of cerebrospinal fluid. Full details are located HERE and are summarized below:

  • The PCR panel should not be ordered in immunocompetent patients with low clinical suspicion for meningitis and normal CSF parameters
  • The PCR panel test is imperfect and both false positive and false negative results occur. Therefore, all CSF samples should be sent for culture when meningitis is suspected and Cryptococcal antigen testing should also be performed in immune compromised patients and patients with chronic meningitis symptoms. Scenarios where there is a high level of clinical suspicion may require treatment despite a negative PCR result